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Atomic Outdoor Media offers Affordable Outdoor Advertising in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Sacramento, Oakland and Nashville, TN-- including Low Cost Los Angeles - Orange County Bus Bench Ads, Bus Bench Advertising, Bus / Transit Shelter Advertising, Bus Side Advertising, Gas Station Pump Ads and Billboards.


* Bus Benches throughout California, From Oakland to Sacramento and Los Angeles County to Orange County and San Diego. Includes Huntington Beach, ELA, Hacienda Heights, Inglewood, Whittier, Pomona, Alhambra, Altadena, Etc.  Also, Nashville, TN Bench Ads.

* Bus Bench Ads Rates Start At $139.00 Per Bench Ad/Month
(4 bench ads minimum / 3 month minimum, production costs extra)

* Works For You 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

* Makes You Stand Out Among Your Competition

* High Visibility at Eye-Level to Drivers, Pedstrians and Bus Riders

* People Passing by on a Regular Basis are Bound to Notice Your Ad

* Target Hispanic, Asian and African-American Communities


* Positioned at Eye Level To Attract Viewers' Attention

* Can Include QR Tag Code of Your Webste That Can Be Scanned By Smart Phones

* Bus / Transit Shelters Ads Available in California, From Los Angeles / Orange County to Riverside / San Bernardino / Ventura Counties  and Nashville, TN

* Target Orange County Communities -- including Santa Ana, Anaheim,  Irvine, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo-- As Well As San Bernardino County, San Diego, Etc. 


* Bus Side Ads / Advertising Available in Long Beach, Orange County, San Francisco,  North San Diego County And Nashville, TN


* Billboard Ads Delivers High Frequency

* Billboard Advertising At Discount Rates

* Available Throughout Most Of California

* Billboards Increases Brand/Image Awareness

* Surface Street (12'H x 24'W) Premiere Panel Billboards - Rates Start At $4,200.00 Per Billboard Per 4 Weeks  (1 Billboard / 4 wk minimum, production costs extra)

* Junior Billboards (6'H x 12'W)  Available In the Greater Los Angeles Area, Including Downtown Los Angeles, Long Beach, Hollywood, Silverlake, West Los Angeles, San Fernardo Valley, Southbay, Etc. -- As Low As $399.00 Per Jr. Billboard Per 4 weeks (3 Jr. Billboard minimum / 8 wk minimum, production costs extra)


* Offers Maximum Impact At Lowest Cost

* 72% Of Consumers Live Or Work Within 2 Miles Of Gas Stations

* Ideal For The Use Of QR Tag Codes That Can Be Scanned By Smart Phones

* Average Fill Up Takes 3 To 5 Minutes And Your Ad is Right in Front Of Your Prospect

* Static Gas Station Pump Ads Are Available At Gas Stations in Los Angeles / Orange County, Riverside / San Bernardino Counties and San Diego County

* Gas Station Pump Ads Start At $139.00 Per GSP Ad Per Month (8 GSP Ads At 2 Gas Stations minimum / 2 month minimum, production costs extra)

** We Accept Credit Cards Via Paypal

*  Based on Availabilty, Rates/Terms Subject to Change


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